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About Lyn

  • Natural Born Psychic Medium

  • IAVT Certified Healer & Energy Reader

  • Specialist In Herbal Magic & Spiritual Communication

  • Ancient Tarot, Oracle, Occult Art & Cultural Educator

  • Depression/Bipolar Disorder Crisis Intervention Worker


Lyn was born in a small town of southern China, where Tao & Fengshui were answers to almost everything. There's a unique psychic root power runs in her family, which is believed to be connected to the mother natural. Her psychic abilities has began to surface when she's only 5 and fully developed when she's 12, soon she moved to Australia, and started traveling around the world for further studies.


By combining with the secret knowledges that passed down from her ancestors, and what she had learned from her journey to the world, she has unlocked many rare abilities, such as faeries communication and spiritual animal reading. In 2009, she founded her own metaphysics label 'Lady of Faith', offering psychic readings, rituals and handmade magical products. She's also providing free consultation and healing service to people who has depression or bipolar disorder.

About Lady of Faith


Lady of Faith was founded by Lyn in 2009, and it slowly grew into a global metaphysics workshop. Lyn's regular reading & ritual services are available internationally through internet. The workshop is based on both Australia & China, and tends to provide original handmade magical products that really works and help people.

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