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Lyn's rituals are different from other spells and root works, they are all custom made to help you solve problems without causing any side effects in your life. Please note that Lyn takes your ritual seriously, each ritual will take about 3-5 days to complete, no rush order will be accepted, and do not order a ritual unless you absolutely sure what you truly desired. 

​What You Desire?
  • Super Road Opener

  • Love & Relationship

  • Money & Career​​

  • Gain Your Luck Back

  • ​Cleanse & Purification


From over two decade of working with all kinds of energy, Lyn is able to heal you from any tough situation. She will scan your aura and address any chakras that need attention. A 60 mins session includes a 15 mins brief consultation and 45 mins distance energy cleansing and healing. People who suffered from depression and bipolar disorder can receive the healing service for free.  [SEND AN ENQUIRY]


This is an unique service that Lyn provides to help you reshape your life or to pull you out from any tough situation. House reshaping includes a house cleansing ritual (or banishing if haunted)  and a full reshaping service based on fengshui. Lyn will guide you through the whole process, and help you to maintain the energy flow. This service is available to both new house and old house.  [SEND AN ENQUIRY]

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