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Unlike other spells and root works, Lyn's rituals are specifically designed to assist you in resolving issues without having any negative repercussions on your life. Lyn takes great pride in her work, so please be aware that each ritual takes 3-7 days to complete, urgent orders are not accepted. Do not order a ritual unless you are positive it's what you truly desired.

​What You Desire?
  • Super Road Opener

  • Love & Relationship

  • Money & Career​​

  • Gain Your Luck Back

  • ​Cleanse & Purification


Lyn has worked with all kinds of energy for more than 18 years, she can heal you through any difficult circumstance. She will scan your aura and treat any chakras that require healing. A 60-minute full healing session includes: A 15-minute quick consultation plus 45 minutes of remote energy healing and cleansing . The healing treatment is free of charge for anyone with bipolar disorder and depression.



Lyn offers this exclusive service to assist you turn your life around or get out of any difficult scenario. A thorough fengshui-based reshaping service is included in house reshaping, along with a cleansing ritual (or banishing, if the house is haunted). Throughout the entire process, Lyn will support you in keeping the energy flowing. Available for Both new and old homes.


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