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Halloween Spell: The Ghost Dance

The idea of the Ghost Dance is to bring helpful spirits (such as the spirits of ancestors) to you whilst at the same time keeping negative/unwanted spirits away.

The Ghost Dance thereby also acts as a spirit cleanser; if you have a haunted room and dance it in there, the double action of positive in, negative out creates not just a driving away of negative spirits but also filling the empty space with positive spirits.

Those positive spirits don't just protect us, althought that's great; they can also advise and help us, uplift us and give us more energy in our daily doings.


Create a space for your Ghost Dance

You'll be dancing hard and you want to move around as much as you can, so clear a space to really move freely in, as the energy takes you.


Get two rattles for your Ghost Dance

Making a rattle for a Ghost Dance is a part of the true shamanic process; if you don't have such things, filling a plastic bottle with salt and rice, for example, or small stone chips or anything that's meaningful to you will do the trick.


Before you start the dance, evoke:

Helpful spirits hear my plea

Come to me I call to thee

Fill this space with light and shine

Come to me oh spirits mine

Clear all negativity

This is my will, so shall it be.


Dance the Ghost Dance

Feel any places in your body where there is stuck or blocking energy and use the movements and the energy of the dance to make that all flow away so your energy flows clearly and powerfully.

Use your rattles to clear a path of good spirits to come and drive away any negative spirits/energy. Really get into it and the Ghost Dance will be a marvellous experience.



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