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Manifest Kit

Manifest Kit


The manifest kit contains handmade ritual candles, oils and a sacred wish-granting parchment. This ritual kit allows you to perform a ritual by youself without having any knownledges about metaphysics.


A manifest kit includes:

  • 1 X Cleanse Ritual Candle
  • 1 X Cleanse Ritual Oil
  • 1 X Purposed Ritual Candle
  • 1 X Purposed Ritual Oil
  • 1 X Wish-Granting Patchment


Everything includes in the kit have been blessed with love, charged and sacred before send out, you will receive ready-to-use items with an instruction note, the result of a manifest kit shall be powerful if you follow the instructions accordingly when you purform the ritual. Please note that the manifest kits are made to orders only, no rush orders will be accepted.


Note: Lyn's ritual candles are handmade from the purest natural ingredients, no un-natural dyes or synthetic fragrances are used. Ritual candles are available to purchase individually upon request only.

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