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Ritual Herbs

Ritual Herbs


These herbs are purely organic, hand picked, dried and purified by Lyn. They are mixed in jars for different purposes, blessed with love, charged and sacred before send out. You can use the herbs for your rituals and spells, or simply keep the jar at home to enhance your energy of certain areas.


Some herbs can be unavailble due to peek season of rituals, recommended to store more when they are available. All herbs are dried for longer period of storage, they will last for at least 12 months if you carefully keep the jar in a dry and close space. To ensure you use the herbs in perfect condition, please finish use them within 1 moths after the jars are being opened.


Mix Herbs in A Jar:

  • Altar Purification
  • Protection Mix
  • Divination Mix
  • Cleanse & Purication
  • Love & Attraction Mix
  • Super Money Mix
  • Energy Healing Mix
  • Meditation Mix
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