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Sacred Mists

Sacred Mists


These bottles are containing sacred waters which can be use to enhance your spells and rituals, or to simply wear it as perfume. Lyn's mists are only made from purest natural ingredients, blessed with love, charged and sacred before send out. Spray on yourself to boost your energy, to spray around your room or anywhere you like to create a magical atmosphere.


Angel's Water - Protected by Archangels

It opens the path towards divination, enhances your faith and the link to your higher-self, boosts up your strength, courage and confidence, best for daily purication and protection.


Fairy's Water - Magical Power of Faeries

It attracts the real faeries to come to your life, protects you and to gives you guidance, be prepare to witness the ultimate tranformations of every single aspects of your life.


Solar Power Energy of the Sun

It fills your life with only positive energies, enhances your confidence in your social life, gives you the power of a warrior to conquer, brings you abundance of joys and prosperities.


Luna Power Energy of the Moon

It engages you to the power of divination, enhances your instinct and psychic ability, purifies and removes negative energies in your life, heals you from bad memories and old scars.


Mother's Prayer Protect your Children

It enhances the link towards higher power, protects your children against darkness, harms and evils, forms a enchantment for your children to grow safely and healthily.


Note: All waters are made with pure spring waters and alcohols, no synthetic fragrance or any preservative sustances are used. To ensure the fresh condition, they are made to orders only, no rush orders will be accepted. Please be advised that to keep them in your fridge and to use them within 2 months after the bottles are being opened.

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